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Often misinformed schedule

UPDATE: once again, the app is showing a completely incorrect list of routes that are running. Try Google Transit or Nextbus... Save your $$ This application would be great...if the dev kept up with schedule changes. It often shows routes as running when they are not. This app is completely unofficial, so if you are going to use it, better double check with the (FREE) paper version or NextBus. The dev really should have a disclaimer on the info page stating that it is unofficial; rather misleading as it is right now.


Works well all around except busses can be a little early or late app cant help that so just be there 15 min early.


Little slow but its better than carrying around a bus schedule all the time or worrying about finding someone that has one.

Bus sched missing routes

Not all routes are on this app such as 13 and 14... which is not very helpful.

Thank you

Im surprised at how often I use this app. Its so helpful since I always lose and rip up my paper version. Thank you so much for making this app!

Needs word

Its a great idea but the app is slow and runs poorly. The update is awful and makes it worse. Find feature is poorly put together. Put up a schedule for all routes.

Okay, lots of potential

This app is kind of glitchy, like if you scroll down too fast it will close on you. And it would be nice for the find a route feature if you could toe in a destination and it could find it on google maps and then locate the closest bus stop to that location and pull up all the routes that service that stop. But its a good app to have, surprised no one has made it yet. Def needs to be improved and I hope it does get improved because its a great idea. Love these jmu entrepreneurs.

Doesnt work

Had this app for free on my droid phone. Worked fine. Spent $2 today for it on my iPhone and it wont even open. Want an update or my money back.

Crashes every time

Since the latest update it hasnt opened one single time. I would use this app a lot, please fix.

Doesnt really work currently...

It only shows two routes are running...which clearly isnt true given Im sitting on a bus on another route. Please fix my $2 investment!

Definitely worth the two bucks

I dont know why people complain - it does what its supposed to! Very useful!

Doesnt find routes.

The Find Routes feature doesnt work which is the whole reason I bought the app. Its like I payed $2 for a bus schedule when I can get the paper copy for free.

Good Job

Honestly I dont know what everyones complaining about. Its pretty straight forward and Ive only had it freeze on me once. Then I quit the app, started it again and it was fine. Does exactly what I need it to do and its a real help to just have it on my phone whenever I need.

Nice app

This app is great and is really helpful


Way better than scanning QR codes!

some features are not complete

route finding is broken, and it is not obvious which stop I choose for where I live. the app always assumes I am in north 38, when I actually just live close by. I wish this thing had the completed features like it says on the box

Jmu bus app

Worked fine for about the first week and now I can not get it to open! A waste of two bucks!!!!


Works well but routes dont update frequently enough and recently it wont even work and closes

Decent app

I thought this was a great app until about two weeks after i bought it, it crashes two seconds after I open it. Looks like Ill have to start using the actual schedule.


Great app but wont open as of lately PLEASE FIX

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